10 Vintage Old Different FIRST RUN MOVIE POSTER BROADSIDES with Famous Actors

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Up for consideration original vintage set of ten (10) PAPER MOVIE POSTERS/BROADSIDES circa mid-1940s.  All will be different.  Sizes do vary up to 12" inches or more tall.  Some are different widths.  All of them feature famous movies that ran from about 1939 to 1951, and all have a similar look to the ones pictured. Please note that most of these were first run movies with famous stars. Old unused movie theatre stock. PLEASE NOTE - Many have edge roughness or small edge tears. They can all be trimmed to look great.  They served the theatre as handouts and broadsides/posters that would announce the latest cowboy movie at the theatre. They would tack them on bulletin boards, telephone poles, fence posts, or anyplace else where they might be seen. Because most were outdoors, few have survived.  These are much scarcer than lobby posters.  Colors vary, please no special requests