10 Vintage Old GIANT ICE CREAM Strawberry SUNDAE MALT Diecut Poster Images 1952

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Up for consideration is an incredible point-of-purchase diecut poster display. Intended at one time to be used in dime stores, five and dime discount stores like Woolworth's, etc. these are new old stock, never used, cut, nor circulated. The uncut prints are as found and often contain multiple graphic images that are ready to be displayed as is or trimmed into individual pieces to be framed and/or hung in kitchens, restaurants, antique shops, etc. They were produced by the Weiller Company in Philadelphia and feature remarkably photo-retouched enhanced illustrations on glossy stock. Most have original printer’s notes and dates in the margins. Item will arrive rolled up. This particular sign has ten (10) images on the poster, dated 1952, size is 26.50" inches by 22.50" inches. It is new old stock, thus it is pretty much mint condition.