9 Vintage Original JOHN BLAUL'S SONS SPICE CRATE Box Labels Unused 1910s NOS

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Up for consideration is a set of nine (9) JOHN BLAUL WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR STORE CRATE BOX LABELS circa 1910s.  These were labels that went on boxes of crates, that are unused.  This set of labels were used to identify larger wholesale lots of cartons of Grocery Spices when they were shipped by rail and stage lines to the Western Frontier retailers. Large Grocery processors and distributors like John Blaul’s Sons had railhead warehouses on the Mississippi for shipping barrels, Gunny sacks, crates and cartons to western towns like Dodge City, Denver, etc. Without distribution networks like this, the west would not have been settled as quickly. Each gummed label was meant for cartons or crates that contained spice cans.   These have never been used.

These crate labels have the 4 B Logo for Blaul's and readily identified the contents, and was usually on a pallet of goods bound for “Out West”. A small number of these unused assortment were found in the old warehouse before demolition in the 1970s. You get the following, unused gummed crate labels; Cloves, 3 dozen, 1 oz cans Mustard, 3 dozen, 2 oz. cans Whole Nutmeg, 3 dozen, 2 oz. cans Cinnamon, 3 dozen, 2 oz. cans White Pepper, 3 dozen, 1 ½ oz. Cans Allspice, 3 dozen, 3 oz. cans Generic, 3 dozen, 3 oz. cans, for mixed lots or special orders. Nutmeg, 3 dozen, 1 ½ oz. Cans Ginger, 3 dozen, 2 oz. Cans.  Most of the labels are 6" inches by 5.50" inches.  Two (2) of the labels are 7.25" inches by 5" inches.  You are getting the complete set of nine (9) different labels that are unused, and have never been shown as pictured.