Vintage Original CLYDE BEATTY-COLE CIRCUS Advertising Proof Sheet for Newspaper

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Up for consideration is an original vintage CLYDE BEATTY COLE CIRCUS ADVERTISING PROOF sheet meant for newspaper.  It is 9" inches tall, proof sheet. The guy who ran ahead of the circus would distribute these to local newspapers. The newspapers used them as proof sheets to print the ad from. Clyde Beatty was a lion tamer who became so famous that he had his own syndicated radio series and appeared in 11 movies. He had his own circus which merged with the Cole Circus in 1956. These are from the late 1950s and the paper is a little brittle, but still in good shape. These came from a fellow whose job it was to run ahead of the circus to prime the town they were going to. He would put up signs in yards in exchange for tickets. Give tickets to the local stores to sell, and take proofs to the local newspapers. He did this from about 1958 till 1962 for several circuses. This paper and a lot of other stuff we bought came from leftovers in his garage.